Forest Health

What is Forest Health?

Maintaining a healthy forest is an important objective for most forestland owners.  In this section, we'll answer some basic questions about tree health:

•    Are your trees healthy or not? How can you tell? 
•    What are the most common tree health problems, and why do they occur?
•    How can you maintain healthy trees and prevent future problems?



Forest Health Resources

Forest Health Basics [Online Presentation]
Max Bennet provides some tips on how to qualify tree health and offers other helpful ideas for assessing and maintaining the health of your forestland. 
PDF Managing Insects and Diseases of Oregon Conifers
This information-packed publication describes management of the most common insect & disease pests of Oregon conifers.  

Insect & Disease Pest Notes.  This on-line series of fact sheets produced by the Oregon Department of Forestry highlights several of the most common insect and disease problems affecting forest trees in Oregon.  Includes bark beetles, borers, sucking insects, defoliators, foliage diseases, shoot and twig insects, and root diseases. 

USDA Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Region, Forest Health Protection.  A compendium of information about regional tree and forest health issues, including many publications and images.

Pacific Northwest On-line Guide to Plant Disease Control
Includes information about trees.

Pacific Northwest Insect Management Handbook
For more information about local forest insect and disease problems, contact your local Extension Forester. 


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